As of Monday, January 10th, 2022, the library will offer only Curbside Pick-up Service and Browsing by Appointment, including ½ hour computer appointments.

See information on Curbside Pick-up Service HERE.

See information on Browse by Appointment HERE.

Virtual Winter Children's Programs

January-March 2022


Virtual Winter Stories and More with Ms. Tee!


January 25th

February 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd

March 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th

Ms. Tee will share new winter stories with you on Tuesdays beginning January 25th!

Grab and Go February Craft

Children will be given all the pieces needed to make a Valentine's Day rocket craft. 

To sign up, call (914)939-6710 ext.108 or email

Grab and Go January Craft

Children will be given all the pieces needed to make a walrus craft. 

To sign up, call (914)939-6710 ext.108 or email


Make a Snowflake & Write a Wish

Cut one of our snowflake designs to put on our windows, and write a wish on your snowflake, too! Ask a Children's Room staff member for help to get started. 

Catch Up on Ms. Tee and Chloe!

Did you miss any Fall Storytimes with Ms. Tee or Fall Singalongs with Chloe? Did you watch them and want to see them again? Catch up on all their autumn fun!

Singalongs with Chloe is sponsored by the Klein Foundation.



The PCRB Film Club

Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 at 7PM

The film chosen for the virtual session via Zoom is Weird Science (1985), written and directed by John Hughes.

Teen misfits Gary and Wyatt design their ideal woman on a computer, and a freak electrical accident brings her to life in the form of the lovely, superhuman Lisa.

Please watch the film on your own before the session. A limited number of copies will be available at the library starting January 10th. The film is also available for streaming on AMAZON PRIME

Email PCRBREF@WLSMAIL.ORG for the discussion link.


Friends of the Library Donations

We purchased these exciting new books thanks to a generous donation from the Friends of the Library! More information on the Friends can be found HERE.


English Classes with Westchester Community College

Information on classes can be found HERE


Virtual Local Author Showcase

Lou Del Bianco, author of Out of Rushmore's Shadow HERE

Nathan Eckel, author of The Rose of Antahs HERE

Steven Fisher, author of Into Russia's Cauldron HERE 

Leslie Kimmelman, author of Eight Knights of Hanukkah HERE

Elise Lemire, author of Battle Green Vietnam: The 1971 March on Concord, Lexington, and Boston HERE

A. Longus, author of The Adventures of Silvana and the Magic Unicorn HERE

Joel Salomon, author of The 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use HERE

Sarah Bracey White, author of Primary Lessons HERE

The Sirens of Suspense Present: Mystery Novel Readings HERE

If you are a local author and would like to be included, please send a video running from 5 minutes to 1 hour to


Teen Hobby and Talent Videos

The library wants to share family-friendly videos by local teens displaying a talent, hobby or skill. Some examples of content options are singing, playing an instrument, reading children’s books, performing science experiments, discussing a historical figure, teaching knitting, demonstrating video game tips, grooming a dog, and changing a tire.

Please submit all videos via email to PCRBPL@WLSMAIL.ORG for review and approval. Please include your name, grade, and high school so credit can be given. All approved videos will be shared on the library YouTube channel: Port Chester-Rye Brook Public Library. 

YouTube video requirements can be found HERE

The first video in this collection can be found HERE

Holiday Books 

Enjoy these holiday books for children.

View and place holds on these items HERE

Free Online Tutoring Service

Mondays-Fridays: 9:00am-10:00pm

Saturdays-Sundays: 3:00pm-10:00pm

Free, live online chat and email support for learners of all ages is available. Check your homework, have an essay reviewed, prepare for a test or have a résumé or cover letter checked.

Visit HERE.

Launchpad Lending

Borrow a Kid-Friendly Tablet

You can borrow these kid-friendly tablets that include storybooks, videos and games that help children learn to read.

For more information, call 914-939-6710 and press 3 or email PCRBCHILDRENS@WLSMAIL.ORG



SPRYE Presents:

Gentle Chair Yoga

Joan Gibbons' popular chair yoga class has been filmed and viewers can participate in the exercises at their convenience.

View HERE.

Book Club

January 31st, 2022 at 7:00pm

The Book Club meets every month except July, August and Decmeber. Each month, we read the book and discuss it at our meeting. 

Our next book is The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi. 

Electronic items: OverDrive eBook OverDrive Audio

Physical items: Regular, large print and CD audio copies of the book will be at the library in late December. 

At the time of the meeting, please join us HERE.

For more information, call 914-939-6710 and press 5 or email PCRBREF@WLSMAIL.ORG.

Books on Diversity for Children, Teens and Adults

Enjoy these books for all age groups celebrating diversity.

You can place holds on the adult books here: FICTION NONFICTION


Libros para Niños

Nuestro Departamento de Niños tiene títulos para compartir con usted.

Haga reservas para estos artículos AQUÍ.







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